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FUE Percutaneous Hair Transplantation - Eurozen Hair Transplant

FUE Percutaneous Hair Transplantation

FUE Percutaneous Hair Transplantation

Thanks to the “Fiber FUE Hair Transplant Technique”, which was first developed in the Doctor Zen Clinic in the world and applied in its own center, the problem of baldness disappears in 3 months.


The amount of healthy hair follicles transplanted into the skin with the Fue Percutan method is much higher than some hair transplantation methods. In this case, it brings patient satisfaction and high success in hair transplantation.


FUE Percutaneous Method consists of three stages in itself. First of all, when removing hair follicles, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent sparseness and trauma in the neck. Then, the channels where the roots will be placed in the planting area that has been determined and drawn in advance are prepared by opening with special needles. Finally, with the FUE Percutaneous Method, the hair follicles are placed in their places with high care and content. Doctor Zen Hair Transplant Clinic is FUE Hair Transplant Center in Turkey Percutaneous that implements the method of hair transplantation No. 1 center.


In the FUE Percutaneous Method, hair follicles are taken from the neck. This process is not applied to people who are completely bald. The important thing in this process is that the patient has hair in the neck area. In the FUE Percutaneous method, the channels are opened with the help of a needle and the canals are adjusted to be frequent. In this process, the number of hairs in the hair follicles can be 2 or 3. Thanks to this technique, approximately 5000 roots can be transplanted in a day proportionally. 5000 roots correspond to an average of 10,000 hair strands.


According to Doctor Zen Clinic Hair Transplant Specialists, the criteria determining a successful result in hair transplantation;

Hair density in the area taken, hair strand thickness
The size of the hairy area in the area taken
General health status of the person
The meticulousness of the person who will have the transplant to follow the recommendations

With the percutaneous method applied successfully by Doctor Zen Clinic Hair Transplant specialists, the maximum number of roots can be obtained without causing sparseness in the neck thanks to the punch device at the time of hair transplantation. Although the hair transplant operation is not a very long operation, it can take 6-9 hours with the preparation time, and the time may increase or decrease depending on the size of the balding area. Hair transplantation can sometimes be done in two sessions. One of the most important is the aesthetic vision that suits the person. The treated area appears red for 6-10 days. 9-10 days after the percutaneous hair transplant, the transplanted area is completely restored. Traces in the intake and planting area become unnoticeable. Our doctors do not recommend hair transplantation for people with a lot of bleeding, coagulation and hair thinning. Before the procedure, the hair in the area to be treated must be cut to zero. Within 6 months, new hair will grow from 80% of the transplanted roots. It takes about 1 year to complete the exit with 100% elongation.

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    At Doctor Zen Clinic, You Notice The Change in a Time Like 3 Months.

    Fiber Fue Hair Transplant Technique

    With the ``Fiber FUE Hair Transplant Technique`` applied in the First and Only Doctor Zen Clinic in the world, you can be treated without feeling pain.

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    Hair Transplant

    Thanks to the Approved “Fiber FUE Hair Transplant Technique” Developed by the First “Doctor Zen Clinic” in the World, With Our Expert Staff and Personal Health Consultants, Now Get Your Old Hair In A Very Short Time.

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    Fiber Fue Hair Transplant

    Fiber Fue hair transplantation method developed by Doctor Zen eliminates the problem of baldness in 3 months thanks to the hair transplantation technique.

    Micromotor Hair Transplant Technique

    Micromotor hair transplantation technique is the sub-branch of the FUE hair transplantation method, just like the manual punch technique.

    DHI Hair Transplant Technique

    The DHI hair transplant technique, the Direct Hair Transplant procedure, is not about how the grafts are collected, but how they are transplanted.

    FUE Implanter Hair Transplant

    Fue Implanter hair transplantation method is a different application method for hair transplantation with FUE method.

    Sapphire FUE

    The Sapphire FUE method, which does not cause any pain, aches and pains to the person who will have hair transplantation, offers the way to have a comfortable and aesthetic hair transplantation.

    FUE Implanter Hair Transplant

    Fue Implanter hair transplantation method is an application that allows the hair follicles collected by the FUE method to be transplanted in a short time.

    FUE Percutaneous Method

    The amount of healthy hair follicles transplanted into the skin with the Fue Percutan method is much higher than some hair transplantation methods.


    PRP process is the process of separating the plasma of blood with a special process and injecting it into the body. The plasma obtained from this process is rich in cells called platelets.


    Application Results in Our Patients with Classic Hair Transplantation Methods and Doctor Zen Clinic’s “Fiber FUE Hair Transplant Technique“, which is owned by Doctor Zen Clinic and “The First and Only” in the World.


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