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Face and Neck Lift - Eurozen Hair Transplant

Face and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift

It is necessary that the face, which assumes the most effective role in the non-verbal communication phase, should be able to reflect the facial expressions of the people in the best way. Every individual desires to have an eye-catching facial beauty. The sags and deformations that occur over time affect the motivation of the person negatively.


Feeling happy and self-confident is directly proportional to the flawlessness of the face. Face and neck lift operations are often handled together because they are within the boundaries of each other. However, they are operations that may need to be applied separately according to need. Over time, the facial muscles relax and lose their tension. Along with this, the fat layer sags under the effect of gravity, the face; it changes to the shape of a triangle with a bottom down.


When such problems start to occur, you can achieve a tighter and younger appearance with face & neck surgery. In cases such as wrinkling of the skin, sagging of the cheeks, displacement-atrophy of the fat layer on the face, we are waiting for you in our clinics for the most appropriate surgery method. This situation is completely shaped by how deformed your face and neck are.


We always aim at your satisfaction in our operations performed in a sterile hospital environment with our specialist doctors. We follow today’s technology by using advanced technological products. We offer you the opportunity to return your sagging and aging face back to 10-15 years ago. Mini face lifting can be applied in cases where there is no excessive sagging. In these operations, volume-increasing oil injections are used according to the need. By moving your own fat tissues to the flattened cheek areas, vitality and fullness are provided. Total facelift operation is applied in cases such as severe sagging and aging.


After reaching a certain age or due to excessive weight loss, the sagging situation in the neck can be eliminated by neck lift procedure. Fat deposits in the chin and jowl area cause distortion of the face shape, making it inevitable for you to look older than you do. Since the face & neck lift operation is within the limits of each other, it will provide you with the result you want by doing it together. As Doctor Zen Clinic, we aim for your health and aesthetic appearance in all our operations. We direct our surgeries in a sterile hospital environment with our specialist doctors. We continue to achieve unmatched success in the focus of our many years of experience. If you want to experience our face & neck lift operation and get information beforehand, you are invited to our clinic as soon as possible.

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    Micromotor Hair Transplant Technique

    Micromotor hair transplantation technique is the sub-branch of the FUE hair transplantation method, just like the manual punch technique.

    DHI Hair Transplant Technique

    The DHI hair transplant technique, the Direct Hair Transplant procedure, is not about how the grafts are collected, but how they are transplanted.

    FUE Implanter Hair Transplant

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    Sapphire FUE

    The Sapphire FUE method, which does not cause any pain, aches and pains to the person who will have hair transplantation, offers the way to have a comfortable and aesthetic hair transplantation.

    FUE Implanter Hair Transplant

    Fue Implanter hair transplantation method is an application that allows the hair follicles collected by the FUE method to be transplanted in a short time.

    FUE Percutaneous Method

    The amount of healthy hair follicles transplanted into the skin with the Fue Percutan method is much higher than some hair transplantation methods.


    PRP process is the process of separating the plasma of blood with a special process and injecting it into the body. The plasma obtained from this process is rich in cells called platelets.


    Application Results in Our Patients with Classic Hair Transplantation Methods and Doctor Zen Clinic’s “Fiber FUE Hair Transplant Technique“, which is owned by Doctor Zen Clinic and “The First and Only” in the World.


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