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Breast Augmentation - Eurozen Hair Transplant

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the name given to the process of bringing the breasts of small breasted women to the desired size with prostheses, also called silicone implants, or fat injection, and the operation performed for this.

Sometimes breast tissue may lose its volume and become smaller than normal as a result of defects in the development of double or unilateral breasts or due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy. In these and similar cases, breast augmentation operations can be performed to have larger, fuller, larger and aesthetically more beautiful breasts.


When is breast augmentation surgery performed?

Any woman who thinks that her breasts are small can have breast augmentation surgery, especially to correct the hip-breast ratio, taking into account the disproportion in the body lines.

In order to correct the loss of breast volume after pregnancy (In some cases, sagging of the breasts may also occur. In this case, breast lifting-collecting operations may also be required.)

Breast augmentation surgery is also performed to ensure symmetry in breast size: In most women, breasts may not be symmetrical. If this is very evident, one of the breasts may need to be enlarged.

In various cases, it may be necessary to reconstruct the breast (For example, in cases such as removing one or both of the breast after breast cancer surgery, congenital absence of breast or one of them growing differently from the other …)

Breast implants placed for medical or aesthetic reasons may need to be replaced for reasons such as aging, losing their current properties or creating a problem in that area.


Breast Augmentation Operations for Proportional Body Lines

The perception of beauty has changed over the ages. 100 years ago, when we saw pictures of chubby and naked women, in those years a little thin woman was considered ugly and sickly. The female models, which everyone looks enviously today, were viewed with the eyes of the dead.

However, since the phenomenon and perception of beauty have changed completely today, we do not need to describe the understanding of beauty, it is known by everyone. Proportional body lines have always been accepted.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and has a right to it. It is now possible with today’s technologies to balance this ratio with breast augmentation. Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery to achieve the charm of a thin waist glass with a breast prosthesis suitable for the hip and shoulder lines.

Breast augmentation is never a mandatory operation in terms of health. However, if we examine the definition of health; It is a state of complete harmony not only in terms of body but also psychologically and socially. It is possible to say that the definition of health is not fulfilled in women who feel themselves psychologically incomplete and socially restrained by wearing small breasts on their heads. In this case, it can be accepted as a necessary surgery in terms of health, that is, psychologically.

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